December 20, 2011

lovepotion #6


theres nowhere to go
but A ~ W ~ A ~ Y from here
because all of the apologies
are inside the belly of the wind

and the fed up stars
seem to be burning themselves out
as we try to find light & forgiveness
in eachothers dark

but that moon
that dam moon and its platter full of glow
like silver velvet
our plush curtain of dreams

are we seriously gona act surprised?

so close those eyes darling
wrap yourself with the nite
and unwet your mind. . .

i have Love for You to drink


['LovePotion' pix by lacq]

December 13, 2011

la Luna knew


back then

i would replace your hand
that used to hold my hand
with a pen
i cried when the purple ink cried
i had fights with the unwet papers
and i didnt look up at the moon

just because i walked faster that day
and without you
it never meant that i didnt scream
i ... Love ... YOU !!!
while i was curving around 610
as that stupid sun kept shining

because every expression we said
every desire we spilled at nite
i threw all of it
inside a lavender-colored paper
crumpling it up
and tossed carefully under my bed

i always wondered
s h a t t e r e d
the same amount of pieces
that i did

but now

my fingernails
dressed in purple-glitter polish
play soulfully
in tones of forever
across your charming ribs
and. . .the moon looks down on us, smiling


['LaLuna' pix by Eyslyn]

November 22, 2011

eternal nite


under a moon-shaped diamond
facing eachother
our eyes speak
in the accents of Love
and our lusts
breathe in
the others scent of skin
as the hours tumble
i watch the admiration of nite
clutch his being
with a gentle caress
his shadow
a pale pearly fog
illuminates his gorgeous flesh
and i have the desire
to lick
fusing my tongue
to the flavor
of snow fire
and be consumed
by a stinging stream
of kisses
and remain
in the dark


['FallingStars' pix by Nour K]

this is for JMartinez. tonite youve once again made me realize why...... i Love you ~ Lili

November 15, 2011


i love to adore you in your gift of sleep
my eyes grinning, placing kisses onto your sweet skin
silently traipsing along the curve of your mouth
leaving chilled whispers on my heaven-dipped sin
to hang you from the purple sky in my mind would be sublime
i would string you up like hallows eve on christmas
anxiously binding you to make you mine all mine
while my hungry fingers lick and undress you
i would wrap your voice with vanilla-scented lilac silk
my weakness has always been those soft mexican lips
snap out of it Lili! lets hurry so you dont wake up
wide-eyed and screaming like a girly-man bitch
i quietly giggle and loudly smile
as i hover my pretty blade over your flesh
i pierce it deep while kissing your forehead
as your liquid red jumps onto my breast
im taking my 'i fucking gota have' parts of you
to fuse and intertwine gorgeously with the rest
of the bits and pieces of males i loved before
so i can create a better man from only the best
oh wow, just look at you, my priceless cuts of art
but there is one single thing that you will lack
you are minus 'the bottom of' a heart
cause i never found a man who unconditionally loved me back
['HeartSurgery3' pix by Kelllie Jasper]

mmhhm, i was in a mood. ;p ~ Lili

November 8, 2011

dam moon, i Love you


he stood at the door of my soul
not able to knock
but unwilling to leave
a paper poem nervously held his heart together

i watched him
til the moon fell down
and then when the sun stood up
i thought he would walk away

so i did my part
and opened the door
he tried to capture me with his eyes
as i caught him with the scent of my skin

i was his, i was his moonblossom
crushed by the tenderness of his hands
only he hadnt realized
just how hard he had loved me

we held eachother tight
like a statue painted with flesh
and when the sunrays stopped
so did we

and... now when i daydream
i fill my mind with the moon
to wrap myself in a memory
i forgot to never remember


['MoonAndSun' pix by Jen_Beans]

November 1, 2011

bleeding Love


left forgotten in this color of the wor[l]d

and wishing it didnt matter to me

about this everything i dont comprehend

or why i chose you to be my addiction

because my eyes run and leave my vision behind

to stare at those that i wish to be consumed by

my thoughts aggresively dance with the memories of your touch

making the pink swell of my petals crave for your rough

because ive trusted... ive read and ive loved...

but my snow-white emotions in your hands

have been mentally smacked

poetically slapped

and shredded to transparent veiny pieces

and i hate that its worth it

tearing me open time & time again

just to paste, stitch & mend me

with your lips creativity

so make me scream

make these words bleed

make my Love get down on its knees


['AltarOfSacrifice' pix by Elton Fernandes]

October 26, 2011



he cant right now
with his tongue
so his words
red flittering hearts
into the pale of my skin
my body is flowing
in his beads of desire
like tiny stones thrown
in pure still water
tumbling along my spine
in rippling whispers
and i will remain here
til his Love grows strong
in faith
forming hungry fingers
so he can explode me




October 18, 2011

the nite us became we


you have found me

[ill let you smile thinking that]

but ive been carefully observing


adjusting pieces of signs...

building a hunger...

ive been waiting...

to undo your skin

so i can step inside

clothing myself with your ribs

to splash in the rivers of your veins.

kiss me with every world of your being

enlighten my vision with the deep of your voice

lift me high with your tongue

so that i can swallow your Love

and all that you are

wont be anymore.


['BoundToHappen' pix by C PRO]

September 27, 2011

never maybe


to the cockroach in my mind,

i can feel your sticky smooth presence

and i hear the odor of a lonely world

your pine-needle legs tapping on my mental folds

attempting to make me boil with overflowing cold

your itchy silence echoing

"hes not for you" "yall arent a we"

leaving your black smudges on my brainfloors

just so you can humanize me to set my soul free

but ill  make you a deal you nonbelieving-love whore

i will accept you and eternally welcome you in

but only if

you gnaw away the mindwalls of doubt &  negativity

and leave those precious ones for me

...for HIM...


August 30, 2011



his lips are such a pretty picture

Spanish colors melting into mine

when we kiss the way we kiss

but his words - oh those words

alphabets of Loves dominance

chilling & frosty wet like icecubes

being dropped into the liquid of my mind

to obey as if they are stars

on a nite of raining dark




because it was like

a bouquet of red satiny arrows

whole pieces of flower petals

an ocean of beautifully stinging emotions

nourished and polished thoughts

words of my absolute favorite scents

digging atop my tongue

and tiptoeing down my throat

igniting into joyfilled tears, when we kissed

memories were seen from the future

on the colors of a butterfly

you had eyes of black diamond

with the vision of a man complete

tenderly twisting my wall'd heart

into purple ash

to blow directly up into the sky

so i could fly alongside the moon

write poetry with the stars

listen to the dark serenade the nite

and see that


had already flipped



in Love




['FlyingBack' pix by gnato]

August 23, 2011

my blue flame


when i look at him

scents stop

noise tumbles back into itself

people pop like soapy iridescent bubbles

i only see

the slow seductive dance

of the soft curved curls in his smile

i only feel

the shape of Love

when he fastens himself onto me with those eyes

i only hear

the infinite protection of a calming thick nite

in the shade of his Spanish voice

i am mesmerized




and... complete

when i look at him


[pixelated picture of Him :)]

August 9, 2011

velvet hush


look at our silence

not letting the other


inside petals of words


the fragrance in the wind

our hole'd thoughts

mending into whole

while we dream

pieces of alphabets


into soul

while we awake


eachothers pages of life

with the others

loud still presence

so darling ...i will

i will submit

to the color

of our


if only you promise

to pour me

into your every tomoro

so i may always flow

inside your veins

your bliss

your love

your moonlit nite


['VelvetGownOfNite' pix by DinnerSpoiler]

August 2, 2011

my wolf scar


and now i know

he allowed it

the wolf who made the moon blush purple

with the spanish melody of his love

he let my mind tiptoe off

into diluted thoughts

and unsheer pastels

in daymares, he felt my eyes

unawake under the colors of anothers sky

because he knew

watching the capricorns pawprints

from far away

for a while

only meant

my heart would remember

that it never wants to forget



August 1, 2011

at moon o'clock


its the first 24 hours
of a virgin month

a flowerless path
leading to unfulfilled pages
tenderly pure as the snow
blanketing an untouched land of grass

...until i run into his memory...

the mirror in my mind reflects
the trembling but beautiful thoughts
about the he that i once knew

the scent of his staring eyes
the caress of a midnite kiss
the melody of a complete embrace

...and the way that man loved...

but all these precious words
meant only for him
will be kept inside an amethyst jar

until the moon reigns





July 20, 2011

until it sleeps


'because the spirits in these Lyrics are now my protector'

Until It Sleeps by METALLICA

where do i take this pain of mine?
i run, but it stays right by my side

so tear me open, pour me out
theres things inside that scream & shout
and the pain still hates me
so hold me until it sleeps

just like the curse
just like the stray
you feed it once and now it stays
now it stays

so tear me open but beware
theres things inside without a care
and the dirt still stains me
so wash me until im clean

it grips you, so hold me
it stains you, so hold me
it hates you, so hold me
it holds you, so hold me
until it sleeps

so tell me why youve chosen me
dont want your grip
dont want your greed
dont want it


no more can you hurt anyone
and the fear still shakes me
so hold me until it sleeps

it grips you, so hold me
it stains you, so hold me
it hates you, so hold me
it holds you, so hold me
until it sleeps

i dont want it

so tear me open but beware
theres things inside without a care
and the dirt still stains me
so wash me until im clean


no longer will you hurt anyone
and the hate still shapes me
so hold me until it sleeps

until it sleeps


July 19, 2011

dark sugar


do you see them?

the black & white words

tumbling from my lips

laced in your red irridescent

these expressions ~ emotions

that once hung snug

from the ceiling of my mind

now loosened

by the deep in your voice

or was it

your explosive love?


do you see what youve done?

do you see them?


['lips' pix by littlemewhatever]

July 12, 2011

do you think me?


youre in the walls of my mind tonite, echoing
reminding how ive misplaced me
youre not here but youve always been there
when noone else could see the words move fluidly

because when my speeding imagination snuffs my sanity
& i willnot, cannot trust you or every other soul
im still going to blame you for my piece'd up heart
but darling red, ill still love you with my whole

& when ive designed lavender walls blue-sky high
blacking out every sliver of silver moonlight
when the winds of a cold mouth sting me
& i still dont start to want to fight

when i let go, tumbling into the pit of it all
& the thick sands dance atop my head
when i know my spine needs to curve straight for us
but i would rather just float down in numbness instead

when steps of smiling while breathing is just too much to do
& this panther inside human clothes wont stand on her own
exhausting to bits & pieces of a purple poetic mess
i hope its in your mind to carry me back home


['hidden dragon' pix by twelveRN]

July 5, 2011

memories on ice


future memories

of you & i

sigh deep

breathe safely

onto the pillow next to me

i smile as i watch

the distant but very near

eyes of us move softly

under blissful lids

in alluring rhythm

gentle images

in silent pales

our magical moments

resting in pieces

of gorgeous color

living our love story

on sweet scarlet wings

poetic passion

dreaming the reality of you & me

in frozen time


June 28, 2011



when we said goodbye

the clouds were dressed in grey velour suit

with hollow silver stones for buttons

the sun hid behind the moon

the moon jumped inside the shadow of the nite

& as the winds heavily sang in dark tones

i wondered...

is my mascara running?

because the shelter of love has crumbled

into a thick red mud around my being

& these raindrops are aiming themselves

as if they want to break my porcelain face

even tho im already shattered

because of the beating

the eyes of my soul took

when you walked away

leaving me

with black watercolors


['bleeding mascara' pix by little-blue-book]

June 7, 2011

my choice


let me try to explain this tender symphony.
and show you the sounds, with words, of the love...
of his love... within me.

i choose him to...

dance a dream-ballet with me
in our awake
from the center of the nite

i choose him to...

put a straw
in melancholy clouds
to sip away the blues with me

i choose him to...

passion my heaven
with the fire-bright touches
of a red-winged angel

i choose him to...

walk inside my mind
branding my thoughts
with his precious foot-steps

i choose him to...

dip fingers with in the moonlight
painting dark whispers of desire
into the corners of eachothers skin

i choose him to...

ignite my purple flames
to breathe in the scent of always

i choose him as my sounds of love


[pix 'lovepotion' by darkrose42]



tonite is different, beautiful

curtains of shredded ember hang in the sky

& even while he holds my hand like its air

it feels like im being stalked by quicksand

altho i smile at the diamond chips tumbling above our heads

but when he says

"those are just the same stars

that came out the other nite"

i start to think

maybe different isnt what i want after all


['indifference' pix by segnoz]

May 31, 2011

just you


he asks 'what do you want from me'
the color in my eyes quietly grin
the curve in my lips loudly stare
& this is what i say...

i want your every emotion to gently bite my skin
make me feel what you are unable to voice

i want your brain to bury itself inside my heart
make my red be the life in your breath

i want to lay inside your imagination
make me the center of your divine chaos

i want to dive inside the depth of your words
make my flesh wet with every sound of you

i want to help build you
make my existence a step to your dreams

i want to wash my body with your orginality
make me stained, scented, scabbed you

i want to roll across the plush of your laughter
make my hair wear the shine of your smiles

i want to kiss the parts of you that want me
make my soul salsa with your love

i want to live under the moon with you
make my world your world too

i want to take some of me out
i want to put it inside of you
i want to blend & bend for eachother
i want you

i want only you
i want just you


May 24, 2011

stoned purpLe


he spoke amethyst to me

from beautiful lips framed in porcelain

with gentle words that cut into my heart

into 3 pieces that complete his soul

making us the one for eachother ... whole

for him i would commit

to his every nite like a purple pearl star

glowing of our eternal words

while his ribbons of velvet trust

are wrapped around my fingers

with tiny kaleidoscopic gems

memorializing the day we blended sins

because i believe his heart drips

diamond rivers of Love

meant only for me to drink

and my ruby pink lips

were meant to carve

a forever goodnite kiss

into his

because he spoke amethyst to me


May 15, 2011



i was bits & pieces
of torn mental petals
diluted words
shineless stardust
but the color in my life
ignited when we kissed
tasting memories from our future
sweet as a coconut moon
those eyes of brown diamond
chiseling thru my wall'd heart
into a sea of red ash
cupping it with your hands
as if it was an ultimate treasure
to teach me how to love again


May 10, 2011

violent violet


im wondering who knows better, the flame or reflection?

as i decide beside my shadow on the wall

& that candlelight keeps winking at me

asking for a chance to dance

while the window pains there silently

so i bundle all his endearing names in 'fuck off' ribbon

pictures, words & poems he always criticized

& i dip them in the burn

the scent of a graceful disgrace fills my smile

the fire shouts out sparks & i know which memory its met

a few more moments til the illumination chills to dark

crazy about the bites in the light

in adore with the mesmerizing color

...i touch

allowing to be stung back to sane breath

listening to the heated rhythm to finally see

thats all it took to rewrite you into a dissolving grey

setting myself free


['purpletaintedfire' pix by nicosnas]