December 20, 2011

lovepotion #6


theres nowhere to go
but A ~ W ~ A ~ Y from here
because all of the apologies
are inside the belly of the wind

and the fed up stars
seem to be burning themselves out
as we try to find light & forgiveness
in eachothers dark

but that moon
that dam moon and its platter full of glow
like silver velvet
our plush curtain of dreams

are we seriously gona act surprised?

so close those eyes darling
wrap yourself with the nite
and unwet your mind. . .

i have Love for You to drink


['LovePotion' pix by lacq]


  1. unwet your mind...and love to drink...nice...and #6 i only knew #9...smiles...

  2. apologies inside the belly of the wind

    fed up stars burning themselves out as we try to find love and forgiveness in each other's dark...

    Awesome .. my favourite lines!

  3. I like that belly of the wind image, too. Very strong writing that challenges!

  4. ha, I am with the others in that I was going to comment on belly of the wind line. very cool write.