December 13, 2010



lilac ink

drips from my pen

purple alphabets


from a word-filled soul

copper eyes

speak without words


laced in vanilla scent

lunatic mind

shows you how to feel


stinging you a passionate blind

lilac ink

drips happily down my cheek


with the hate





{'PreciousTears' pix by nostradamamorgana}

December 12, 2010

my universe


it was a sign

a symbol

with a cymbal loud enough as the droplets of a torrential rain

you are my lifes alphabets crossing eachother to create a poem of intense

because i'll gladly ride the stars of lunacy around your nite

to prove all of your everything with its blackest depth has a shining side

& just as timeless as moondust

your imperfect imprint has left a perfect grip on the road of my existence

as my mind is stretched to mirror a cobweb

 deeply bruised by you

with the wound of Love


{'TheStar' pix by CatGirl}

December 7, 2010


see~ with your ears

drown in the tones laced in love that i speak when your name drips from my lips

...look at me...

see~ what you feel

caress the curves of our moonlight as it traipses along our skin sending us into sighs

...look at me...
see~ as if you are blind

embrace the emotions in your mind that our blended imagination can only find

...look at me...

listen to your intuition

feel the whole in your soul

recognize the reflection in your eyes

...look at me...

in you


{'DiscoTattoo' pix by systemivoid}

December 3, 2010

he put a spell on me


from behind my copper eyes i see him coming
his face is pinned with a grin of 3psychos
this charming masked ghost strolling towards me

im unable to move, paralyzed but in an unusual comfort
blanketed tightly in tornado wind breathing in scents of a midnite spice
with a familiar far away sound echoing in my mind 

the mist of his dark passion creeps upon me
evaporating thru the tiny beads of my skin
filling my every curve&angle with choking thick scarlet

the fingers of his persuasion coil with my veins
making long thin curling ribbon
of a madmans red rainbow

im pushed off the edge into his psyche
30feet high mindwaves
slam me against his wall of wet black

my being is forced to gasp for his breath
as he blows icicle'd air into me
making my soul frozen in his name

but soft sung words of "& now youre mine" sting me awake
i can feel my brown hair being twirled
by fingers who have just caressed my face

it makes me smile
as i see from behind my copper eyes
the adoring he who was singing to me while i slept

because the ghost was just a dream


{'iPutaSpellOnYou' youtube vid by PeteKorving}