October 28, 2010

rotten Love


& i think


are lovelie

in the lowest

of the sweetest


like a mildewed strawberry


in the palm of a monster

who never eats it


just appreciates

to feel&touch





{'SinOfBoredom' pix by AnythingGoes}

October 4, 2010



his curdled soot ooozes into my brain

filled with extreme lunacy unrestrained

a pit of sick fucked up delusion

hanging from the sky of a maniac seclusion

his shadows bite my snow-white skin

flying in my soul, dripping of darkest sin

screaming echos of an inside wind

because the silence in my head is my only friend

creating numbness like 500 pills

a coma calmness, the kind that kills

medicated padding & 4walls without dreams

eyes bright but their sight isnt what it seems

im gona love mr death & hate miss insanity

both are you, my adoring profanity

because its really just me in this cushioned room

im the pyscho in your mind in fucking full bloom


{'Insanity' pix by Aurelie}