February 28, 2012

wings of fate


i pull the silence
around me
and wonder
did you always know?
that one nite
you would walk on
the shattered white floor
inside my realm
to paint snowshine
onto stubborn leather wings
that secretly flutter softly
as a melodious waterfall
everytime you are near
sending sigh-watering shivers
the spine of my soul
and when you capture my passion
with those charming eyes
stinging me
seizing me
sending my love
to delicately drown
inside the curves of infinity
my smile trickles with happiness
the red in me
g r i n s
at the thought
that this beauty of You and Me
has only just begun
still i wonder
what page number of my life
was it when...

my horns were locked by your wings ?

['AngelOfDeath' pix by SeanD1986]