January 25, 2011


he enjoys her devotion
while juggling with her soul&mind
strategically places kisses
while internally calling her an emotionwhore
with lovenumbed eyes she is too blind to hear
&allows herself to stay locked in his cage even more
months go by &bruises start to whisper&illuminate
by aimed words wrapped in knifeblanket
viciously stabbing the woman that most wanted
this snow-white skinned creature he had
oblivious of the alluring she they saw
he only wanted to mentally destroy her
unaware it created images in her soul of his murder
so now her past adoration
has turned into a present determination
for an end
&she knew it meant...ending him
the shadows in her mind chime witching hour
his broken glassed window inviting the breeze
the hair around her face gently falls
to the rhythym of the laughing wind
standing above him, the opposite of her sin
unable to remember the dark eyes she used to crave
as they opened...staring into hers
the clock strikes pale
as the surroundings fall
into a quiet blur
she sees his body leaking
their blood, his lies, her mess
caressing her hair behind her ear
she smirks walking away satisfied
of her final over-reaction
he was now dead
&shes never felt more
{'Behind' pix by MultiCuriosity}

January 17, 2011

i Love You . . .


&i placed 

your heart

in the traffic




accidentally shattering

your brakes

so i could be sure


the way i Love



You . . .


{'NoEmotion' pix by FreakyDarlingx}

January 16, 2011

his star


i am his ebony bright

my clouds so red
my sun so white

i glow the desire
hidden in his dreams

of Spanish constellation
dipped in luminous lilac

for his nite lips to trace
down my moonlight to taste

he calls me his eternal sky

as he waits for me to breathe
my universe into his life


{'Capricorn' pix by EternalSalvation}

dot dot dot


gona allow

my purple emotion

to drain

beyond the waves

of color

if i tremble

a faint blue S.o.S

donot drop your red


i want to clearly listen

&chrystal clear see


in the sea


a beautiful fatal




{pix by trialsanderrors}

January 11, 2011

glass words

im trying
to avoid
the glass
you spilled


broken bits
as i
tippytoe across
the scent of lies

that was inside
reaches my lips
&i can taste
i go outside
to breathe
&even the stars
wana hide
im too clouded
to seek
the pieces
that fell
on the ground
when your words
{'BehindBrokenGlass' pix by darksnowolf}

January 4, 2011



inhale me~

i want to exist between the walls in your head
making a home inside hidden pearl-colored truths left unsaid

i want to taste your lunacy
downing a shotglass filled with your tears
drunk off the memories youve collected thru the years

swallow me~

i want to be warmed by the cold winds that blow in your eyes
caged in your soul from sunglow to moonrise

i want to hear the sounds of your love
traipsing pale fingertips along the boldness of your dreams
soaking my mind in the thunder of your black laughter beams

touch me~

i want to feel your frustration adore me
&your words love me with every alphabetical sting

i want to bathe inside your crazy thoughts
lathering up with the hate youve created for only me
under a faucet of mindwater thats intended for just we

kiss me~

i want to taste the flavor of your darkest sin
dancing with the black&white of your imagination

i want to run beneath your balloons of emotion
popping the gold-colored unknowns
watching our red&purple forever blow


{'balloons' pix by CursiveVayne}