January 4, 2011



inhale me~

i want to exist between the walls in your head
making a home inside hidden pearl-colored truths left unsaid

i want to taste your lunacy
downing a shotglass filled with your tears
drunk off the memories youve collected thru the years

swallow me~

i want to be warmed by the cold winds that blow in your eyes
caged in your soul from sunglow to moonrise

i want to hear the sounds of your love
traipsing pale fingertips along the boldness of your dreams
soaking my mind in the thunder of your black laughter beams

touch me~

i want to feel your frustration adore me
&your words love me with every alphabetical sting

i want to bathe inside your crazy thoughts
lathering up with the hate youve created for only me
under a faucet of mindwater thats intended for just we

kiss me~

i want to taste the flavor of your darkest sin
dancing with the black&white of your imagination

i want to run beneath your balloons of emotion
popping the gold-colored unknowns
watching our red&purple forever blow


{'balloons' pix by CursiveVayne}


  1. beautiful progression of words - emotion woven all the way through

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot


  2. Beautiful and emotional longing..."I want, I need, I must have" depth running through it. Well-captures that feeling, of the soul and the body's craving...good sense of image and flow, with a care taken to the sensory.

  3. This is you at your lush and vivid best, Lil.I like that this has a repeating line structure, too. Your images, as always, are stunning. Possession, lunacy, existing in the other's madness, fears, hate, as well as the usual more positive emotions. Very creative and enjoyable piece.

  4. I love your writes. So beautiful and rich. Stunning. Thank you.

  5. You words always leave me speechless. I am lost in the emotion and images swimming in the passioned stories you create. The images all flow so well through your purple inked fantasies. Well done!

  6. Thought I'd read and commented on this - unless you didn't publish the comment; either way, I don't give a s**t, as long as you got the message that I liked this, some quotable lines here.

  7. "inhale me" "swallow me" -- what great passion filled words. Beautiful write Lili. So emotionally charged and full of fantasic imagery and imagination. Lovely read!