November 22, 2011

eternal nite


under a moon-shaped diamond
facing eachother
our eyes speak
in the accents of Love
and our lusts
breathe in
the others scent of skin
as the hours tumble
i watch the admiration of nite
clutch his being
with a gentle caress
his shadow
a pale pearly fog
illuminates his gorgeous flesh
and i have the desire
to lick
fusing my tongue
to the flavor
of snow fire
and be consumed
by a stinging stream
of kisses
and remain
in the dark


['FallingStars' pix by Nour K]

this is for JMartinez. tonite youve once again made me realize why...... i Love you ~ Lili

November 15, 2011


i love to adore you in your gift of sleep
my eyes grinning, placing kisses onto your sweet skin
silently traipsing along the curve of your mouth
leaving chilled whispers on my heaven-dipped sin
to hang you from the purple sky in my mind would be sublime
i would string you up like hallows eve on christmas
anxiously binding you to make you mine all mine
while my hungry fingers lick and undress you
i would wrap your voice with vanilla-scented lilac silk
my weakness has always been those soft mexican lips
snap out of it Lili! lets hurry so you dont wake up
wide-eyed and screaming like a girly-man bitch
i quietly giggle and loudly smile
as i hover my pretty blade over your flesh
i pierce it deep while kissing your forehead
as your liquid red jumps onto my breast
im taking my 'i fucking gota have' parts of you
to fuse and intertwine gorgeously with the rest
of the bits and pieces of males i loved before
so i can create a better man from only the best
oh wow, just look at you, my priceless cuts of art
but there is one single thing that you will lack
you are minus 'the bottom of' a heart
cause i never found a man who unconditionally loved me back
['HeartSurgery3' pix by Kelllie Jasper]

mmhhm, i was in a mood. ;p ~ Lili

November 8, 2011

dam moon, i Love you


he stood at the door of my soul
not able to knock
but unwilling to leave
a paper poem nervously held his heart together

i watched him
til the moon fell down
and then when the sun stood up
i thought he would walk away

so i did my part
and opened the door
he tried to capture me with his eyes
as i caught him with the scent of my skin

i was his, i was his moonblossom
crushed by the tenderness of his hands
only he hadnt realized
just how hard he had loved me

we held eachother tight
like a statue painted with flesh
and when the sunrays stopped
so did we

and... now when i daydream
i fill my mind with the moon
to wrap myself in a memory
i forgot to never remember


['MoonAndSun' pix by Jen_Beans]

November 1, 2011

bleeding Love


left forgotten in this color of the wor[l]d

and wishing it didnt matter to me

about this everything i dont comprehend

or why i chose you to be my addiction

because my eyes run and leave my vision behind

to stare at those that i wish to be consumed by

my thoughts aggresively dance with the memories of your touch

making the pink swell of my petals crave for your rough

because ive trusted... ive read and ive loved...

but my snow-white emotions in your hands

have been mentally smacked

poetically slapped

and shredded to transparent veiny pieces

and i hate that its worth it

tearing me open time & time again

just to paste, stitch & mend me

with your lips creativity

so make me scream

make these words bleed

make my Love get down on its knees


['AltarOfSacrifice' pix by Elton Fernandes]