November 1, 2011

bleeding Love


left forgotten in this color of the wor[l]d

and wishing it didnt matter to me

about this everything i dont comprehend

or why i chose you to be my addiction

because my eyes run and leave my vision behind

to stare at those that i wish to be consumed by

my thoughts aggresively dance with the memories of your touch

making the pink swell of my petals crave for your rough

because ive trusted... ive read and ive loved...

but my snow-white emotions in your hands

have been mentally smacked

poetically slapped

and shredded to transparent veiny pieces

and i hate that its worth it

tearing me open time & time again

just to paste, stitch & mend me

with your lips creativity

so make me scream

make these words bleed

make my Love get down on its knees


['AltarOfSacrifice' pix by Elton Fernandes]


  1. whew...a little intensity to the love tonight...the tearing and rebuilding to make my love get down on its knees (submission)...nice wordplay in wor(l)d too

  2. I like the double meanings in "my eyes run and leave my vision behind", and urgh, "transparent veiny pieces" is creepy (in a fitting way).

  3. Wow – raw and visceral. Love definitely hurts

  4. Right away you caught my attention with
    wor(l)d...what a great play on words. Visiting your blog is always a color-full delight. I hope you join us Saturday for poetics...head-up, the prompt has to do with color!