May 31, 2011

just you


he asks 'what do you want from me'
the color in my eyes quietly grin
the curve in my lips loudly stare
& this is what i say...

i want your every emotion to gently bite my skin
make me feel what you are unable to voice

i want your brain to bury itself inside my heart
make my red be the life in your breath

i want to lay inside your imagination
make me the center of your divine chaos

i want to dive inside the depth of your words
make my flesh wet with every sound of you

i want to help build you
make my existence a step to your dreams

i want to wash my body with your orginality
make me stained, scented, scabbed you

i want to roll across the plush of your laughter
make my hair wear the shine of your smiles

i want to kiss the parts of you that want me
make my soul salsa with your love

i want to live under the moon with you
make my world your world too

i want to take some of me out
i want to put it inside of you
i want to blend & bend for eachother
i want you

i want only you
i want just you


May 24, 2011

stoned purpLe


he spoke amethyst to me

from beautiful lips framed in porcelain

with gentle words that cut into my heart

into 3 pieces that complete his soul

making us the one for eachother ... whole

for him i would commit

to his every nite like a purple pearl star

glowing of our eternal words

while his ribbons of velvet trust

are wrapped around my fingers

with tiny kaleidoscopic gems

memorializing the day we blended sins

because i believe his heart drips

diamond rivers of Love

meant only for me to drink

and my ruby pink lips

were meant to carve

a forever goodnite kiss

into his

because he spoke amethyst to me


May 15, 2011



i was bits & pieces
of torn mental petals
diluted words
shineless stardust
but the color in my life
ignited when we kissed
tasting memories from our future
sweet as a coconut moon
those eyes of brown diamond
chiseling thru my wall'd heart
into a sea of red ash
cupping it with your hands
as if it was an ultimate treasure
to teach me how to love again


May 10, 2011

violent violet


im wondering who knows better, the flame or reflection?

as i decide beside my shadow on the wall

& that candlelight keeps winking at me

asking for a chance to dance

while the window pains there silently

so i bundle all his endearing names in 'fuck off' ribbon

pictures, words & poems he always criticized

& i dip them in the burn

the scent of a graceful disgrace fills my smile

the fire shouts out sparks & i know which memory its met

a few more moments til the illumination chills to dark

crazy about the bites in the light

in adore with the mesmerizing color

...i touch

allowing to be stung back to sane breath

listening to the heated rhythm to finally see

thats all it took to rewrite you into a dissolving grey

setting myself free


['purpletaintedfire' pix by nicosnas]

May 6, 2011



for months &its every minute
ive stayed awake
dreaming of another kiss
1...3...5 more times
again &again

creating plans
planning our creations
today, my eyes feel you completely here
my skin swimming in the scents of you
our mouths submerged in eachother

but i dont taste the ache
the craving has been emptied
of lips that held a southern passion
because they have tossed sacred words
to someone who shouldnt have heard

even tho my breaths have waited dearly
for that sensual dark kiss
seeing into the color of your eyes
now i know
you are no longer what i miss


['goodbye' pix by aksdareflection]