May 15, 2011



i was bits & pieces
of torn mental petals
diluted words
shineless stardust
but the color in my life
ignited when we kissed
tasting memories from our future
sweet as a coconut moon
those eyes of brown diamond
chiseling thru my wall'd heart
into a sea of red ash
cupping it with your hands
as if it was an ultimate treasure
to teach me how to love again



  1. this is a fabulous the description up front of being torn mental petals and the transformation...and teaching to love again is a high calling...smiles.

  2. Great way of writing about a transform
    As you try to overcome the norm
    Teaching to love once more
    Enjoyed the read here at your shore

  3. your words create vivid and powerful images,
    love the opening.
    well done.

  4. Love your use of colour, juxtaposition..' ash' - wow! // Peter. @expatinCAT