May 24, 2011

stoned purpLe


he spoke amethyst to me

from beautiful lips framed in porcelain

with gentle words that cut into my heart

into 3 pieces that complete his soul

making us the one for eachother ... whole

for him i would commit

to his every nite like a purple pearl star

glowing of our eternal words

while his ribbons of velvet trust

are wrapped around my fingers

with tiny kaleidoscopic gems

memorializing the day we blended sins

because i believe his heart drips

diamond rivers of Love

meant only for me to drink

and my ruby pink lips

were meant to carve

a forever goodnite kiss

into his

because he spoke amethyst to me



  1. all the color...amethyst both the color and the rock...i could see where purple would speak to you ha...carving the kiss in...yeah thats hot

  2. Hard to resist that. This has a beautiful flow to it. Amethyst draws me in & so does this.

  3. Lovely written
    Wonderful images
    Beautifully done.

    Best wishes.

  4. Love the swirling imagery and colour... // Peter.

  5. Check out poets rally week 45 today…
    Have fun!
    That’s the perfect way to showcase your talent, make poetic friends, and receive poetry awards and more….hope to see you in, blessings.