December 13, 2010



lilac ink

drips from my pen

purple alphabets


from a word-filled soul

copper eyes

speak without words


laced in vanilla scent

lunatic mind

shows you how to feel


stinging you a passionate blind

lilac ink

drips happily down my cheek


with the hate





{'PreciousTears' pix by nostradamamorgana}

December 12, 2010

my universe


it was a sign

a symbol

with a cymbal loud enough as the droplets of a torrential rain

you are my lifes alphabets crossing eachother to create a poem of intense

because i'll gladly ride the stars of lunacy around your nite

to prove all of your everything with its blackest depth has a shining side

& just as timeless as moondust

your imperfect imprint has left a perfect grip on the road of my existence

as my mind is stretched to mirror a cobweb

 deeply bruised by you

with the wound of Love


{'TheStar' pix by CatGirl}

December 7, 2010


see~ with your ears

drown in the tones laced in love that i speak when your name drips from my lips

...look at me...

see~ what you feel

caress the curves of our moonlight as it traipses along our skin sending us into sighs

...look at me...
see~ as if you are blind

embrace the emotions in your mind that our blended imagination can only find

...look at me...

listen to your intuition

feel the whole in your soul

recognize the reflection in your eyes

...look at me...

in you


{'DiscoTattoo' pix by systemivoid}

December 3, 2010

he put a spell on me


from behind my copper eyes i see him coming
his face is pinned with a grin of 3psychos
this charming masked ghost strolling towards me

im unable to move, paralyzed but in an unusual comfort
blanketed tightly in tornado wind breathing in scents of a midnite spice
with a familiar far away sound echoing in my mind 

the mist of his dark passion creeps upon me
evaporating thru the tiny beads of my skin
filling my every curve&angle with choking thick scarlet

the fingers of his persuasion coil with my veins
making long thin curling ribbon
of a madmans red rainbow

im pushed off the edge into his psyche
30feet high mindwaves
slam me against his wall of wet black

my being is forced to gasp for his breath
as he blows icicle'd air into me
making my soul frozen in his name

but soft sung words of "& now youre mine" sting me awake
i can feel my brown hair being twirled
by fingers who have just caressed my face

it makes me smile
as i see from behind my copper eyes
the adoring he who was singing to me while i slept

because the ghost was just a dream


{'iPutaSpellOnYou' youtube vid by PeteKorving}

November 30, 2010

my shadow


his eyes hold all the answers & breathes them against my nite-drenched skin with the seduction of untold ghost stories

his touch is extravagant fireworks flashing loud lilac without sound but burning its presence into the steel bars of my soul

his dreams penetrate my purple sending spirals of crimson flames into the sky of my mind declaring a change in my desires

his skin is my snow-white world of an eternal paradise dancing with sweet dark euphoria until the end of breathless with delirious uncontrolled passion

his voice is black crystal of an underwaters obsessed treasure orchestrating the mental tornadic waves in me by softening my razor-edged thoughts

& his love is the stars of hells midnite scattered upon me like onxy raindrops summoning me to drown into the forever of his world of shadowed bliss


{'TheCornerInMyWorld' pix by vasquaz}

November 23, 2010

wicked garden


the mud is silky smooth enough for a new something today
in the tiny garden of secrets planted the LiLiac way
the roses are a snowfrozen white & the violets a blissful rage
theres an eternal spot for you inside this blooming cage

my darling dear we have tried to pieces... so many bits of things said
but tonite youre receiving a heated machete slicing to the head
again like every other, you were a complete word-it-all this evening
& this time my tempertantrum was determined to fucking stop your breathing

dragging your once-loved-by-me body thru the Texas dirt
of midnite Southern roaches, dog piss & shells of bees... more than your worth
then stopping to think of how my purple will no longer be your slave
i smile & savagely kick you into your 'with love, Lili' grave

no more insane, no more loud silence
no more dam games & no more word violence
making your blood disappear into sheer while i sing&dance
not caring what i just did to you cause you had your chance

& yes darling, ima celebrate us & our kinda love forever on this day
by throwing a shot of tequila onto your secret place


{'FrozenRose' pix by mv79}

November 14, 2010



minds speeding
hearts twirling
eyes grinning
souls hungry
hand in hand

we know nothing will be the same after tonite

your lips tenderly shout at me
tempting me
to touch your piece of heaven

your eyes pulling me in
dangling hues of lust
to dip in your dark sin

my fingers starved for your flesh
i breathe closer to you
sending whispers
i want to sing our song

our bodies cascade into silken white
ripples of snow-liquid swallow us
as we devour eachother
in the wonderland of our love

flesh glistening
thoughts awakening
breaths roaring
emotions heavy
body in body

we know everything will be different in the morning

& we smile


{'PastRedemption2' pix by Gloredel}

November 9, 2010

midnite sun


if the serenity of forever

could cradle his black heart



an onyx diamond in time

no matter the distance

he loudly shined

insanely near or intimately far

i know that he

if he was the bright white buttonin the center of darkened silk

if he was the steam of shooting stars

failing to fall down

could not possibly bemore gorgeous

than in those treasured momentsi knew

i love

i still see...{'MoonandSun' pix by Jen_Beans}

October 28, 2010

rotten Love


& i think


are lovelie

in the lowest

of the sweetest


like a mildewed strawberry


in the palm of a monster

who never eats it


just appreciates

to feel&touch





{'SinOfBoredom' pix by AnythingGoes}

October 4, 2010



his curdled soot ooozes into my brain

filled with extreme lunacy unrestrained

a pit of sick fucked up delusion

hanging from the sky of a maniac seclusion

his shadows bite my snow-white skin

flying in my soul, dripping of darkest sin

screaming echos of an inside wind

because the silence in my head is my only friend

creating numbness like 500 pills

a coma calmness, the kind that kills

medicated padding & 4walls without dreams

eyes bright but their sight isnt what it seems

im gona love mr death & hate miss insanity

both are you, my adoring profanity

because its really just me in this cushioned room

im the pyscho in your mind in fucking full bloom


{'Insanity' pix by Aurelie}