November 23, 2010

wicked garden


the mud is silky smooth enough for a new something today
in the tiny garden of secrets planted the LiLiac way
the roses are a snowfrozen white & the violets a blissful rage
theres an eternal spot for you inside this blooming cage

my darling dear we have tried to pieces... so many bits of things said
but tonite youre receiving a heated machete slicing to the head
again like every other, you were a complete word-it-all this evening
& this time my tempertantrum was determined to fucking stop your breathing

dragging your once-loved-by-me body thru the Texas dirt
of midnite Southern roaches, dog piss & shells of bees... more than your worth
then stopping to think of how my purple will no longer be your slave
i smile & savagely kick you into your 'with love, Lili' grave

no more insane, no more loud silence
no more dam games & no more word violence
making your blood disappear into sheer while i sing&dance
not caring what i just did to you cause you had your chance

& yes darling, ima celebrate us & our kinda love forever on this day
by throwing a shot of tequila onto your secret place


{'FrozenRose' pix by mv79}


  1. All lilac - poetry with color. Nice job.

  2. a violent purging
    a silent churning
    good riddance to the pain

    your words are amazing

  3. Powerful writing - I enjoyed the way you expressed disgust with these lines "dragging your once-loved-by-me body thru the Texas dirt
    of midnite Southern roaches, dog piss & shells of bees... "

  4. Thought provoking poem, meek to brutal in a twisted kind of way, I really enjoyed reading. Well penned.


  5. What can i say..MY are this beautiful! i L O V E I T..:))))

  6. what a good read....the beauty of the start that twist in to a voilent rage...pretty much a relationship that can sour...but please dont throw tequila there!!!! ouch!! thanks for sharing with OSW...pete

  7. I'm so glad not to be this person you're dragging through the roach and bee dust. As always, you make words do things I've never seen them do before. Unforgettable.

  8. Enjoyed the graphic quality of the lines. Cheers

  9. I think I love you a bit. I also think I need to get my head looked at. Brilliant work oh vivid purple one.

  10. Ooh now I get your comment on mine!! lol

    Looks like we’re on the same wavelength. Your words area as angry as rage itself - full of images that stir the emotion you’re describing! Still loving that “machete” line!! :)

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  12. Dear Lili
    Its beautiful...
    'theres an eternal spot for you inside this blooming cage'

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay