June 28, 2011



when we said goodbye

the clouds were dressed in grey velour suit

with hollow silver stones for buttons

the sun hid behind the moon

the moon jumped inside the shadow of the nite

& as the winds heavily sang in dark tones

i wondered...

is my mascara running?

because the shelter of love has crumbled

into a thick red mud around my being

& these raindrops are aiming themselves

as if they want to break my porcelain face

even tho im already shattered

because of the beating

the eyes of my soul took

when you walked away

leaving me

with black watercolors


['bleeding mascara' pix by little-blue-book]

June 7, 2011

my choice


let me try to explain this tender symphony.
and show you the sounds, with words, of the love...
of his love... within me.

i choose him to...

dance a dream-ballet with me
in our awake
from the center of the nite

i choose him to...

put a straw
in melancholy clouds
to sip away the blues with me

i choose him to...

passion my heaven
with the fire-bright touches
of a red-winged angel

i choose him to...

walk inside my mind
branding my thoughts
with his precious foot-steps

i choose him to...

dip fingers with in the moonlight
painting dark whispers of desire
into the corners of eachothers skin

i choose him to...

ignite my purple flames
to breathe in the scent of always

i choose him as my sounds of love


[pix 'lovepotion' by darkrose42]



tonite is different, beautiful

curtains of shredded ember hang in the sky

& even while he holds my hand like its air

it feels like im being stalked by quicksand

altho i smile at the diamond chips tumbling above our heads

but when he says

"those are just the same stars

that came out the other nite"

i start to think

maybe different isnt what i want after all


['indifference' pix by segnoz]