June 28, 2011



when we said goodbye

the clouds were dressed in grey velour suit

with hollow silver stones for buttons

the sun hid behind the moon

the moon jumped inside the shadow of the nite

& as the winds heavily sang in dark tones

i wondered...

is my mascara running?

because the shelter of love has crumbled

into a thick red mud around my being

& these raindrops are aiming themselves

as if they want to break my porcelain face

even tho im already shattered

because of the beating

the eyes of my soul took

when you walked away

leaving me

with black watercolors


['bleeding mascara' pix by little-blue-book]


  1. dang...intense...the moon hid, the rain attacked your face...and the eyes of your soul...nice...great one shot

  2. Very vivid ending, enjoyed the read, playing off dark tones and ending with black watercolours, nicely done.

  3. It is a great and sad piece - glad to hear it is fictitious
    The running colors fit so dramatically and artistically

    Thanks for sharing with the One Shot party

  4. A grief, narrated with so intense sentiments. Nice shot!

  5. ...'black watercolours'. Wow! Great as always! // Peter.