July 5, 2011

memories on ice


future memories

of you & i

sigh deep

breathe safely

onto the pillow next to me

i smile as i watch

the distant but very near

eyes of us move softly

under blissful lids

in alluring rhythm

gentle images

in silent pales

our magical moments

resting in pieces

of gorgeous color

living our love story

on sweet scarlet wings

poetic passion

dreaming the reality of you & me

in frozen time



  1. smiles. dreaming the reality...how nice is that?

  2. It's nice to have reality that is the stuff of dreams, isn't it? I liked, "our magical moments
    resting in pieces of gorgeous color..."

  3. This is a delicate expression of love, much enjoyed ~ Rose

  4. "living our love story

    on sweet scarlet wings"...beautiful...