March 13, 2012

the color of moon


a windy wordstorm
is raining in my mind
drops of sharpened alphabets fall
clouds of black, blank promises fly
but before the emotional monsoon starts
to bloom inside my heart
i take 3 deep blows of breath
inhale, exhale
emptying these whirling thoughts
to imagine
my pale cream body
frozen, but warmed
in the middle of the gallery
of his desires 
the floor, a purple mosaic
instrumental Metallica in the air
with the scent of Love
i slowly lift my head
to gaze out the only window
letting the moonlight
flirt with my eyes
before i close them
to feel the shine of him
tenderly wrapping my skin
with the colors


['MidnightDancer' by SALIM].

February 28, 2012

wings of fate


i pull the silence
around me
and wonder
did you always know?
that one nite
you would walk on
the shattered white floor
inside my realm
to paint snowshine
onto stubborn leather wings
that secretly flutter softly
as a melodious waterfall
everytime you are near
sending sigh-watering shivers
the spine of my soul
and when you capture my passion
with those charming eyes
stinging me
seizing me
sending my love
to delicately drown
inside the curves of infinity
my smile trickles with happiness
the red in me
g r i n s
at the thought
that this beauty of You and Me
has only just begun
still i wonder
what page number of my life
was it when...

my horns were locked by your wings ?

['AngelOfDeath' pix by SeanD1986]

January 16, 2012

white nites


i lay tangled in a floral mess
of lies, lust . . . Love
and YOU
the light i wish to wrap it all in

to the truth ive already secretly surrendered to
that i have fallen, in every way imagineable, for you
youve dampened these lavender petals with Love
making you my heavenly sky of showers

ive burrowed my curling spine into your grasp
such a precious and intricate pain
making my life need this
thinking that i could actually stay this way

til the white in the moon falls out


['White Light' pix by dove_51]

December 20, 2011

lovepotion #6


theres nowhere to go
but A ~ W ~ A ~ Y from here
because all of the apologies
are inside the belly of the wind

and the fed up stars
seem to be burning themselves out
as we try to find light & forgiveness
in eachothers dark

but that moon
that dam moon and its platter full of glow
like silver velvet
our plush curtain of dreams

are we seriously gona act surprised?

so close those eyes darling
wrap yourself with the nite
and unwet your mind. . .

i have Love for You to drink


['LovePotion' pix by lacq]

December 13, 2011

la Luna knew


back then

i would replace your hand
that used to hold my hand
with a pen
i cried when the purple ink cried
i had fights with the unwet papers
and i didnt look up at the moon

just because i walked faster that day
and without you
it never meant that i didnt scream
i ... Love ... YOU !!!
while i was curving around 610
as that stupid sun kept shining

because every expression we said
every desire we spilled at nite
i threw all of it
inside a lavender-colored paper
crumpling it up
and tossed carefully under my bed

i always wondered
s h a t t e r e d
the same amount of pieces
that i did

but now

my fingernails
dressed in purple-glitter polish
play soulfully
in tones of forever
across your charming ribs
and. . .the moon looks down on us, smiling


['LaLuna' pix by Eyslyn]