August 30, 2011



his lips are such a pretty picture

Spanish colors melting into mine

when we kiss the way we kiss

but his words - oh those words

alphabets of Loves dominance

chilling & frosty wet like icecubes

being dropped into the liquid of my mind

to obey as if they are stars

on a nite of raining dark




because it was like

a bouquet of red satiny arrows

whole pieces of flower petals

an ocean of beautifully stinging emotions

nourished and polished thoughts

words of my absolute favorite scents

digging atop my tongue

and tiptoeing down my throat

igniting into joyfilled tears, when we kissed

memories were seen from the future

on the colors of a butterfly

you had eyes of black diamond

with the vision of a man complete

tenderly twisting my wall'd heart

into purple ash

to blow directly up into the sky

so i could fly alongside the moon

write poetry with the stars

listen to the dark serenade the nite

and see that


had already flipped



in Love




['FlyingBack' pix by gnato]

August 23, 2011

my blue flame


when i look at him

scents stop

noise tumbles back into itself

people pop like soapy iridescent bubbles

i only see

the slow seductive dance

of the soft curved curls in his smile

i only feel

the shape of Love

when he fastens himself onto me with those eyes

i only hear

the infinite protection of a calming thick nite

in the shade of his Spanish voice

i am mesmerized




and... complete

when i look at him


[pixelated picture of Him :)]

August 9, 2011

velvet hush


look at our silence

not letting the other


inside petals of words


the fragrance in the wind

our hole'd thoughts

mending into whole

while we dream

pieces of alphabets


into soul

while we awake


eachothers pages of life

with the others

loud still presence

so darling ...i will

i will submit

to the color

of our


if only you promise

to pour me

into your every tomoro

so i may always flow

inside your veins

your bliss

your love

your moonlit nite


['VelvetGownOfNite' pix by DinnerSpoiler]

August 2, 2011

my wolf scar


and now i know

he allowed it

the wolf who made the moon blush purple

with the spanish melody of his love

he let my mind tiptoe off

into diluted thoughts

and unsheer pastels

in daymares, he felt my eyes

unawake under the colors of anothers sky

because he knew

watching the capricorns pawprints

from far away

for a while

only meant

my heart would remember

that it never wants to forget



August 1, 2011

at moon o'clock


its the first 24 hours
of a virgin month

a flowerless path
leading to unfulfilled pages
tenderly pure as the snow
blanketing an untouched land of grass

...until i run into his memory...

the mirror in my mind reflects
the trembling but beautiful thoughts
about the he that i once knew

the scent of his staring eyes
the caress of a midnite kiss
the melody of a complete embrace

...and the way that man loved...

but all these precious words
meant only for him
will be kept inside an amethyst jar

until the moon reigns