August 2, 2011

my wolf scar


and now i know

he allowed it

the wolf who made the moon blush purple

with the spanish melody of his love

he let my mind tiptoe off

into diluted thoughts

and unsheer pastels

in daymares, he felt my eyes

unawake under the colors of anothers sky

because he knew

watching the capricorns pawprints

from far away

for a while

only meant

my heart would remember

that it never wants to forget




  1. Watch out for those Cappy goats. I love the third and fourth lines, about the moon and the Spanish melody.

  2. ahahaha... uh, but I AM the "cappy goat". but you are correct... we must be watched... and appreciated and loved and adored and and and... ;) thankyou for reading. x

  3. quite the ecentric wolf baying spanish melodies...smiles. i like the lines on the capricorns...nice.

  4. I love the twisty word play here - daymares, unawake, remember it never wants to forget. awesome write!

  5. Very fanciful tail, er...tale. Good one cappy goat. Lovely blog too.

  6. hahahaha ~ im only taking out thoughts and laying them on a sheet of heartpaper to try to make some sense of a certain "He" ;) thankyou for the compliment ~ x

  7. Love the mingling of the words you chose, nicely done!

  8. Love your Blog the dynamics all come together and fire off a cool impression.

    Enjoyed your piece.
    Daymares - love it!

  9. Great images and I love the whole lavendar theme of your blog. I'm glad that you joined us at the Poets' Pub and hope to see more of your work...from another Cappy!

  10. The wolves are always after us capricorns, it seems. Leopards too. Love your unique take here, esp the first three lines--stellar opening.