May 6, 2011



for months &its every minute
ive stayed awake
dreaming of another kiss
1...3...5 more times
again &again

creating plans
planning our creations
today, my eyes feel you completely here
my skin swimming in the scents of you
our mouths submerged in eachother

but i dont taste the ache
the craving has been emptied
of lips that held a southern passion
because they have tossed sacred words
to someone who shouldnt have heard

even tho my breaths have waited dearly
for that sensual dark kiss
seeing into the color of your eyes
now i know
you are no longer what i miss


['goodbye' pix by aksdareflection]

1 comment:

  1. nice..i like the southern passion...and all the reasons you could miss, but in the end not them...