May 10, 2011

violent violet


im wondering who knows better, the flame or reflection?

as i decide beside my shadow on the wall

& that candlelight keeps winking at me

asking for a chance to dance

while the window pains there silently

so i bundle all his endearing names in 'fuck off' ribbon

pictures, words & poems he always criticized

& i dip them in the burn

the scent of a graceful disgrace fills my smile

the fire shouts out sparks & i know which memory its met

a few more moments til the illumination chills to dark

crazy about the bites in the light

in adore with the mesmerizing color

...i touch

allowing to be stung back to sane breath

listening to the heated rhythm to finally see

thats all it took to rewrite you into a dissolving grey

setting myself free


['purpletaintedfire' pix by nicosnas]


  1. i would have chose the fire as well...knowing which memory it met. ha nice. enjoy that freedom...

  2. To this reader the voice in the piece is defiant, and yet it seems, still questioning the choice of letting go. So they reach into the flame, not only to "reach out" one last time, but get reminded why they are letting go. I hope that makes sense. Great stuff, L...RS

  3. "the fire shouts out sparks & i know which memory its met"

    That's my favorite line. I always think, if it makes you stronger, it's love, but if it drags you down, it's something else.

    I enjoyed reading this fiery poem.

  4. wonderful wordplay here, defiant and confident. love the last two lines.

  5. set yourself free,
    well expressed sentiments,

    love your blog, keep it up.

    check out short story slam today. hope to see your participation.

  6. the calmness you have despite heated air will enable you to win and find joy.

    profound word play.
    Glad to read you.

    keep it up.