September 27, 2011

never maybe


to the cockroach in my mind,

i can feel your sticky smooth presence

and i hear the odor of a lonely world

your pine-needle legs tapping on my mental folds

attempting to make me boil with overflowing cold

your itchy silence echoing

"hes not for you" "yall arent a we"

leaving your black smudges on my brainfloors

just so you can humanize me to set my soul free

but ill  make you a deal you nonbelieving-love whore

i will accept you and eternally welcome you in

but only if

you gnaw away the mindwalls of doubt &  negativity

and leave those precious ones for me

...for HIM...



  1. smiles...eww..a cockroach in your brain...great do like this though and the deal you try to cut in the end....nice write...

  2. making deals with those cockroaches - hope they keep their end of the bargain (smiles)

  3. Cockroach, interesting. very nicely done